July 13, 2020

Best Magic Movies

The best magic movies or we can say that mythological movies are like Harry Potter Series, Game of Thrones Seasons, Mindhunter Season, Once Up On A Time Season, The Hornets Nest, Mythica: A Quest For Heroes, Suits Season and Many more. It made possible to perform a great magic in such films only with the help of high quality graphics, HD sounds and high quality visual effects. Without effects, complete film industry will only go back to 19s of low quality films. So, what actually visual effects do? Artists normally creates things virtually with the help of high configuration computers and place it in the real footage of different characters. For example, a person can shoot in his studio in front of statue of liberty New-york without going there by placing a man in front of statue or to place the statue back to him. This saves time, money and gives more advance look.

“The thief of Baghdad”, an Arabian fantasy film produced in 1940 was the great fiction story based upon the mythologies of the Arabian Nights. Other films like “Helen of Troy” taken from the poems named as “Iliad and Odyssey” written by Homer which depicts the life of Queen Helen of Troy and the Trojan War which impact the things. “Hercules” is another great movie released in the year 1958 and on it, different 2d and 3d games developed and launched which are most favorite part of kids. The word Hercules is very famous in the world. Bahuballi series in India, Ong Bak Series in Thailand, the myth in China and many more are released in different countries. Some earned good revenue with blockbuster hit while some earned average and some got flopped. It is not important that flop film will not be watched by kids or audiences. It is totally depend on audience perspective and some could accept while other could reject. Tarzen: the wonder car is the example which got flopped on cinema screen but, got huge popularity on Television screen, especially liked by kids.

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