July 13, 2020

6 tips to buy good, beautiful and cheap clothes

Almost everyone loves to buy new things, especially if it is clothing. But with the changes of seasons and seasons, trends must also adapt. Therefore, being fashionable can be expensive.

However, here we leave you 6 tips to give your closet a refresher and buy good, beautiful and cheap clothes.

1 Take advantage of the sales season

January and July are the two great seasons a year in which all the clothing that belongs to last season is reduced. In January, offers focus on clothing, footwear, accessories and personal items, while in the second half, discounts also apply to furniture, electronics and decoration, whose main advantage is direct sales of between 10 and 30%, according to information published by Abel Prasad. However, American stores such as GAP, Forever21 and American Eagle maintain a permanent sales area! There you will find clothes and accessories from past seasons that can complement your current attire; Use your creativity to make your own adaptations.

Remember that the closer the start of the new season is, the greater the discount.

2 Buy balances from online stores

If the place where you usually go is no longer what you were looking for, go to the store online. The inventory that you will find there comes from the main warehouse, not the stock for each store. If you want something at a discount and you thought it was over, look it up online.

This advice applies to large chains such as Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear, H & M, Forever 21 and others.

In all online purchases it is very important that you know your exact size.

3 Subscribe to your newsletter

Some stores offer discount coupons in their newsletters. That’s why we recommend that you subscribe to the “newsletter” of your favorite brands to know the news and upcoming events of the brand. They also use this medium to announce future promotions or rebates.

4 Create friendship with sellers

Who better than the salesmen to know the next promotions? They know the calendars of sales and new releases. In addition not only can you recommend accessories for your outfits, but they can also set aside your clothes until the sale season comes and so you can buy them at half price.

5 Look for the benefits card

There are brands that have loyalty programs to reward their customers. Whether they give you points or coupons, some stores offer these types of benefits when you buy them. You can accumulate them for your next purchase and avoid paying the full price.

6 Go to the outlets

This is the best alternative for obsessives of new brands, because most offer discounts of 25% to 65%, all year. The low cost of clothing is because it is from last season, but you can always buy some key elements that are timeless.