July 16, 2020

How to Pick Winter Jewellery

Do you need new, fashionable jewellery to match your winter outfits? Or perhaps you need to buy your loved one some special jewellery for Christmas. Whatever your reason is for picking out new jewellery pieces this winter, make sure you get it right first time! You need to consider personal taste as well as the latest trends in fashion jewellery. Last but not least, you need to make sure you’re buying high-quality jewellery that will pass the test of time.

Keep reading to find out what jewellery is popular in Winter 2017!

Winter Cuff Bracelets

After the choker necklace trend that’s been going strong all year, we’re glad to see that the style has migrated to bracelets too!

Have a look at cuff-style bracelets in luxury leather fabrics that are durable and fashionable. Leather generally comes in black and brown shades; however, you can find more colourful options if you want to really stand-out.

High-quality metal plating, loops and clasps on the cuffs are all very elegant and trendy. The chunky bracelet style can be bold yet still elegant when you buy high-quality jewellery.

Put away your usual charm bracelet this winter and give new-style cuff bracelets a chance. You can wear just one or stack them up your arms for a different look.

Winter Statement Earrings

Large hoops and long earrings are very in fashion this winter. If you are a fan of large hoop earrings, add to your collection with a pair of elegant, thin hoops. Pick simple designs that aren’t too flashy.

Rose gold is a beautiful precious metal, but if that’s not to your taste then classic silver and gold metals make for lovely hoop earrings.

Other winter statement earrings that are currently in fashion include simple, half loop earrings and further circular shapes. The key is to stick to those 3 precious metals: gold, silver and rose gold. This will create a timeless, classic look that can be worn with almost any outfit.

If you are buying earrings as a gift, go for simple loop earrings as not only are they in fashion, but they will suit the style of nearly every woman!

Fortune Necklaces

We recently came across these beautiful, charm like necklaces from Pilgrim! They’re very beautiful and a key part of their Winter Collection.

Gold and silver-plated necklaces are adorned with symbolic charms in precious metals (mainly glimmering silver and gold). These fortune necklaces are so called because the charms are designed to symbolise something close to your heart!

The PEACE Fortune necklace, for example, features 3 peace charms in gold, delicate rose gold and silver. This would make a lovely gift if you’re trying to make amends with a lover this Christmas!

You can find various different Fortune necklaces at Pilgrim – there’s one for everyone. If you want something more romantic, head over there straight away and search for the LOVE fortune pendant!