July 13, 2020

5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Surprising the Best Friend

Birthday is one of the much awaited occasions of the year. Friends, relatives, and family make this day a really memorable one and we cherish on these memories forever. The excitement of a birthday party is always new. A six year old kid to a sixty year old grandpa, all feel the same sensation with the name of birthday party. And what makes these birthday parties special? Yes, you are right, the birthday gift ideas. Have a look at some of the special birthday gift ideas and surprise your near and dear ones.

 Home-baked cake at midnight with ice cream party: is there anything more endearing than presenting a cake to a dear friend on his or her birthday that too baked by you? He/she would be touched with your gift. Bake a simple chocolate cake and use vanilla cram to write something sweet on the cake. Once you are at your friend’s place at midnight with the cake nudge him out for the ice-cream party and this would be really a refreshing for all of you.

 Adventure trip: Plan for an adventure trip to some mountain in a group and live life like there is no tomorrow and this would be a great birthday gift for your best friend. If you are still in college, this is the best time to plan for such trips because once you enter your job life you would hardly get the time to meet and greet each other. Deep sea diving can also be done if you are in a mood or if you want to curb the hydrophobia of your friend.

 A visit to orphanage: There are so many abandoned kids in this world who don’t know who their parents are! You may plan for a visit to such an orphanage and spend the whole day with these lovely kids. Your best friend’s birthday would turn into a memorable one for sure. Real happiness lies in providing happiness to others. Seeing the happy faces of the kids would surely count a memory.

 School terrace and old friends: If you are a working professional, you know how busy your other professional friend is. Spending time with each other while in professional job life sounds very tragic. To make your best friend’s birthday really an unforgettable one, take him to the school terrace where rest of your friends are waiting with the cake and booze and joints. You would surely get back to those old nostalgic days and this small reunion would be the best birthday gift for your friend.

 Personalized gift: A coffee mug along with cookies and tea bags of various flavors would make another surprising gift for your best friend. As it is his/her birthday, make it special by getting a personalized coffee mug. The best smiling childhood picture along with a quote that suits this personality would be really great. Send this as birthday gift to Dubai to your darling friend and make him know that he/she is still very special to you.