September 29, 2020

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses

Summary: Making mistakes while buying bridesmaid dresses can ruin the complete thing. Read on to know the mistakes to avoid.

Want to give your squad some sparkle on the D-day? Pick gorgeous and glamorous sequin dresses for them. Come in a wide array of colors and styles, sequin dresses will give a timeless appeal to your maids. Besides, it will make the dress color pop and let your girls shine at the party with a ravishing look.

Don’t have any prior experience of buying bridesmaid dresses and so, wondering from where to start with the shopping for sequin bridesmaid dresses? Well, not to worry! Here are a few mistakes that brides-to-be often make while shopping bridesmaids dresses. Avoiding these will make bridesmaid dress shopping less hectic for you –


Don’t pick the gowns all by yourself

You could start searching about sequin bridesmaid dresses on your own, but it should not be a solo mission. It is because you are not going to wear the dress, but your bridesmaids are. Choose a few sequin bridesmaids’ looks you love and then send them to your friends to get their opinions. Involving your bridesmaids in choosing the dresses will make sure that everyone is happy with the decision.

Don’t ask them to spend a hefty amount

While some brides prefer to gift the bridesmaid dresses to their bridal crew as a token of love, it is generally common for bridesmaids to buy their own. If this is the case of your wedding, you will want to be mindful of how much they cost. Ask your squad for their budget in advance of shopping so that you don’t get your heart set on something unrealistic.

Don’t forget to consider their body type

All of your bridesmaids might not have the same body type, so you could not go for the one-size-fits-all concept. It is most probable that you will get a mix of pears, apples, and hourglasses. And so, you need to choose the dresses that flatter their body types and let them accentuate their best features. Finding something that fits each of them and makes them feel their best is the key.

Don’t skip the accessories

If you have gone for flashy sequin gowns you can probably relinquish adding layers of bling to your girl squad’s ensembles. But if you have chosen to go the sweet and simple route, a few ornamentations might be just what their looks need. Add a few pieces of jewelry or some fun hair accessories. You could also ask them to add a sash, belt, or something like that.

 Don’t ask your maids to wear the dresses that they hate

It is not possible to please everyone, but you don’t want your maids to hate their dresses. If your maids feel uncomfortable or insecure in their ensembles, it is going to show on their faces and reflect in your wedding photos. So, try your best to put them in something that they actually like.

Don’t think inside the box

Yes, you are going to order bridesmaid dresses along with your maids. But it is not something that you can underestimate. Bridesmaid dresses do not always have to follow the traditional approach, especially if you are ready to walk the extra mile. For example, when you are buying sequin dresses, you can pick blue or teal sequin gowns. It is something unusual but your maids will look good in it.

Whether you have decided to go with the tradition or trend, shopping bridesmaid dresses that your girls feel comfy and confident in is never easy. But being careful and eliminating the general mistakes can make the procedure easy and effective for you. And as you are now familiar with the mistakes to avoid, opt for a bridal store that offers sequin, rose-gold and gold bridesmaid dresses, and order some stylish ones for your maids.